How qualified are your workers?
We look for workers with a minimum of two years experience in their fields. We carefully screen their work and their references to make sure they know their job.
Once we sign our agreement, how soon will your worker be hired?
Typically, we will have a worker on your job within 24 to 48 hours.
How does the briefing process work?
You will work directly with the worker. We believe close personal communication between you and your worker provides for the best results.
No third party gets in the way to confuse things.
You said you had managers on board; how does that work?
Every project manager is always kept informed. In the early stages of the project, you will be briefing both the manager and the worker, so the manager always knows the needs and parameters of your job.
How do I make sure that my project is kept confidential?
We know how important it is to keep the operations of your business confidential. Therefore, if you wish, you can prepare a Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) and we will be happy to sign it. Please note: this has to originate with you.
What if I am unhappy with the worker you provide?
If, for any reason, you want to replace the worker, we will be happy to do so. Simply let us know what your reasons are and we will go from there.
What happens to the project in that case? Does everything stop?
We will provide a replacement worker within one week. During that time, however, the manager of your project will continue to work with you, doing what can be done and keeping in close touch.
What if I want to stop the project?
First, we will want to know why you want to stop. If there are problems we can correct or areas we have overlooked, we will do our best to
rectify them and keep you on board. If you still want to leave, we require 3 days notice. In those three days, we will continue to bill you pro-ratio for our time.
Can I do that? How long a contract do I have to sign?
There are no long-term contracts involved. We work with you on a month-to-month basis.
How do I pay you?
You can pay via credit card on our website.
What are the hours I can expect from the worker?
Our workers work a typical full time week from Monday through Friday, and have Saturday and Sunday off.
What are your typical expenses for various skills?
Each project, of course, has its own unique parameters. However, we can provide you with recommended industry rates.
What if I need them to work weekends or overtime?
Weekends are compulsory off. You will need to hire another worker in case you need to get more work done.
What about expenses that come up during the project, such as phone calls, copying, and so forth?
These will be borne by the client.
What about telemarketing expenses?
These will be borne by you. We will keep careful track and provide you with records along with our bill.
How do I get started?
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